Don't Pass Up A Golden Opportunity ...
....To Have the Image of a Legend Working For You.

Johnny Unitas is synonymous with Superstardom. HIs skills as an NFL player are legendary and as one of football's greatest players, he is instantly recognizable to the American public. Here is your opportunity to increase your recognition through his. Put this famous football player's image to work for you!

Represented by Unitas Management Corporation, his name image and personna are available for a variety of services including:

Product endorsements
Radio, TV and print advertising
Promotions and Special events

Advertising agencies, public relations firms, corporations and associations can all benefit from having Johnny Unitas as part of their marketing strategy. Use his "star" quality to increase sales. The opportunity is there for you to win!

Unitas Management has represented and endorsed many fine companies and products in the past including:
Campbell Soups
Ford Motor Company
Kyser Roth
Lever Brothers
Merck & Company
Ogden Corporation
Proctor & Gamble
Sears Roebuck
Caritas Health Services

In addition to commercial work, we have lent our support to numerous charitable and civic organizations. Among them are:

American Cancer Society
American Legion
American Urological Association
Boys Club of America
Kidney Foundation
Santa Claus Anonymous
March of Dimes
Multiple Sclerosis
Partnership for Prostate Health
United Way